The ABC decided it would launch a dedicated comedy channel – which means a flagship show to headline every night of the week. Production Group’s founder Andrew Garrick was brought in to create and subsequently showrun what was to become Tonightly. With an incredibly dedicated creative staff of 35, including 8 of the most talented staff writers around, the team created a daily half comedy TV broadcast.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation


ABC Comedy and ABC1

Featuring 2-3 scripted comedy sketches, and a band, stand up guest or interviewee, Tonightly was one of the most complex shows on television to bring to life every day.

Sketches would regularly find huge online audiences, with the most popular receiving 2.7m views within 2 days, on top of a weekly average broadcast audience of 1.1m.

It was the first show on the ABC to create its own bespoke podcast and newsletter, driving both viewing audience, and the nightly live audience attending in the Ultimo studio.