Glen Innes Skywalk Geotourism Experience

Audio and VR 360

Producer – Sophie Hattch

Consulting Producer – Carlo Ritchie

Director – Andrew Garrick

Drone – Darian Woods

Edit – Henry Ingles

360 & VR Post – Ambar Sidhwani, Beyond

The Glen Innes Severn Council’s new skywalk is a world-class visitor experience overlooking the township and surrounds. A partnership with Naveze, Production Group will deliver 22 audio stories and 360-degree drone-captured footage with AR integrated into a hyper-local mapping platform.

To created these compelling pieces our team found and worked with local stakeholders including indigenous elders, tourism experts, historians, sociologists, geologists, rock climbers, mountain bike riders, palaeontologists, and astronomers.

The Skywalk will be launched in mid-2023.